Florida Lottery winner goes missing

Thursday November 26th 2009

After winning millions back in 2006 a Florida Lottery winner goes missing and had not been seen since the beginning of April. Abraham Shakespeare, who is from Lakeland was reported missing earlier this month by his cousin, but investigators who are on the case are unsure whether the lottery winner is missing as a result of foul play or simply does not want to be found.

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As Shakespeare encountered many problems after winning the $31 million Florida Lottery jackpot, the latter could quite easily be the case.

Shakespeare opted for a $17 million lump sum lottery payout but then found himself in a legal battle to keep his lottery win, when a colleague claimed that the winning lottery ticket was stolen, but Shakespeare eventually won the court battle enabling him to retain his Florida Lottery win in October 2007.

Rumours have been rife for the past few months, in that the lottery winner may be dead or even that the FBI were looking for him. Now that the missing persons report has been filed there is even more speculation into the lottery winners whereabouts. A life long friend of the Florida Lottery winner has spoken about his friends’ whereabouts, claiming that it is unusual for him to go missing. He also claims that he has great concern for his friend as he is illiterate which makes it easy for individuals to take advantage.

Many of us are aware, even as early as the point at which we buy lottery tickets, that there will inevitably be a huge amount of pressure from some organizations and individuals who may want to exploit lottery wins for their own means, so it is important that winners of the lottery accept any financial advice that is offered from the lottery organization or any other reputable  agency to help them and invest wisely and safely.

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