Florida Lottery winners body is found

Monday February 1st 2010

Back on 26th November 2009, we brought the news to you that Abraham Shakespeare, who had won $31 million on the Florida Lottery, had gone missing. Since his disappearance, the police have been carrying out an extensive investigation and frantic search for the lottery winner but have always suspected foul play surrounded the case due to the fact that the lottery winner was illiterate and therefore vulnerable. Recent information received by the police led them to search a specific area in their bid to find the lottery winner and we can now confirm that the Florida Lottery winners body is found.

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During the probe into the disappearance of the lottery winner, police have uncovered many reasons for them to be concerned for his safety from an early stage. One of these was a court challenge from one of Shakespeare’s colleagues to try and lay claim to a share of the Florida Lottery win. However, this was just one of the reasons that the police had come to the conclusion of foul play.

The lottery winner’s body was uncovered under a concrete slab in the back yard of a property belonging to the boyfriend of a woman who had befriended the Florida Lottery winner. Although police strongly believe he was murdered, they do not yet know how this  lottery winner’s life came to a tragic end, but hope that a woman called Dorice Donegan will be able to help them with this line of enquiry.

When we buy lottery tickets we often have one thing in mind and that is winning. Now with news of just how bad things can go after a lottery win, some of might now begin to think long and hard about how we would handle our windfall if we were to win and avoid unscrupulous people out to make a quick buck from our newfound wealth.

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