Free Ticket Wins $42 Million

Monday August 11th 2008

A free Powerball lottery ticket scooped a jackpot worth over $42 million on Saturday 02 August, 2008. A free Powerball ticket had been given to any Pennsylvania Lottery player who bought two Match 6 tickets during a special promotion, and Barrie Edwards was lucky enough to see his freebie make him a multi-millionaire.

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Some time ago, Barrie Edwards had entered into a verbal agreement with family members to share any large lottery prize that any of them might happen to win. Barrie will now be honouring that agreement, and fourteen family members will share the prize, though not equally. That said, the smallest share of the prize will be worth $1.4 million, so everyone concerned will be joining millionaire row.

Barrie watched his Powerball lottery dream come true as the draw was broadcast live on television. As soon as he realised he had hit the big one, he ran up to his wife Jean, who had already gone to bed, to tell her the news. The couple then called Barrie’s brother and sister-in-law, who will receive a $17 million share of the jackpot. Other relatives who will receive the smaller $1.4 million shares were contacted afterwards.

The $42,529,765 jackpot is the tenth largest payout made by the Pennsylvania Lottery, and the fact that it was won by a ticket that cost the winner absolutely nothing makes it even more remarkable. Of course, to qualify for the free ticket Barrie had to purchase two Match 6 tickets, so the Turkey Hill store that sold these to him will still receive a jackpot bonus of $100,000.

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