How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Powerball Jackpot

Wednesday August 23rd 2017

As the Powerball jackpot continues to climb ever higher, players around the world are eagerly picking their numbers ahead of tonight’s colossal $700 million drawing. With millions of players snapping up tickets and odds of one in 292,201,338 to overcome, is there a way you can increase your chances of winning this nine-figure sum?

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Since the launch of Powerball in April 1992, players have been searching for a method of number selection that would guarantee a jackpot win. Well, the truth is that such a system does not exist, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways of potentially increasing your chances of winning Powerball’s bulging prize pot.

When it comes to number selection, some players rely on a series of special dates and anniversaries in the hope that their loved ones’ happiest times will bring luck. As heartwarming as this system may be, it is one that limits the numbers selected to between 1 and 31, leaving the digits 32 to 69 untouched.

Even if the jackpot-winning numbers were in the lower echelons of the number pool, this method is so popular that you would probably end up sharing the jackpot with a plethora of other ticket holders. However, date selection isn’t the most popular method of choosing numbers for this multi-state lottery game.

The majority of Powerball players put their faith in Quick Pick tickets, with an estimated 80 percent of all entries sold in the U.S being randomly generated by a lottery terminal. This is seen as the ideal option for players who do not wish to play a specific set of numbers or participants who would rather leave their chances of winning the jackpot up to fate.

Of course, if you opt to play through online sites such as, you cannot leave your choice of numbers in the hands of a lottery terminal. Instead, you must rely on picking your own random numbers or trust the Number Generator.

Yes, you can choose your own numbers, but the danger of self-selection is that you will unconsciously pick out patterns in the numbers, a trait that many players are guilty of when playing Powerball. Alternatively, electing to us a Number Generator can guarantee that your selection will be left entirely to chance and there will be no favoritism that could sneak into play if you were selecting the numbers yourself.

However you choose to play your numbers, you stand exactly the same chances of winning as any other player in the draw, but you do need to be in it to win it. With that in mind, you can pick your numbers online or play through an authorised retailer in any of the 47 participating states and jurisdictions. Good luck!


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