Huge jackpot for the PowerBall

Saturday February 27th 2010

All eyes will be on one world lottery draw this evening as the already huge jackpot for the PowerBall has now reached an estimated $95 million. The last PowerBall jackpot of $141 million was won on 6th February and since then it has continued to roll over as no one had managed to match the winning numbers. This US multi state lottery game frequently rolls over, creating some fantastic lottery jackpots, however with many new state taking on this lottery recently, creating more players, we will be watching carefully see whether this affects the size of the jackpots.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$174 Million
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One thing that we have noticed is that the jackpot does seem to be rising a lot quicker in that it takes less weeks to climb to this size than it has previously, which was inevitable due to the fact that many more people now buy lottery tickets for the game. We have also noted that the PowerBall and MegaMillions seem to be more evenly matched in terms of their jackpots with the MegaMillions offering an estimated $99 million for the draw last night. Rarely have we seen these two lottery games so evenly matched.

In all, player in the US have much to get excited about in terms of the PowerBall tonight. However, how high it will go before it is won, is bound to be affected by an increase in players. This is nothing to be downtrodden about, with many people now having a choice of both multi state lottery games to play, meaning they have two big jackpot games to play each week, which has got to be a bonus.


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