Idaho Lottery winners deliver $1m ticket safe and sound

Tuesday December 7th 2010

A group of three American lottery players, who won $1million in last Wednesday’s Powerball draw, made a 300-mile trip to claim their winnings with their ticket in a fireproof safe. Sisters Cindy Flint and Carol Olsen, and their mother Donna Flint, decided not to take any chances whatsoever and arrived at Idaho Lottery headquarters on Monday with the ticket locked up securely in a portable safe. Not willing to let the ticket or the safe out of her sight for a moment, Cindy even slept with the metal box in her bed the night before.

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And it turned out the family, from Brigham City, Utah, were right to opt for maximum security. On arrival they found out that by spending an extra $1 on the lottery Power Play feature, the ticket that was originally worth $600,000 almost doubled in value to $1million.

Idaho Lottery spokesman David Workman said: “We’ve heard a lot of interesting places that people have kept their winning tickets over the years. Mattresses, sock drawers, refrigerator freezers, but the portable, fireproof safe was a first.”

The two sisters are no strangers to buying lotto tickets with winning numbers. In June 2008 the pair won $40,000 by playing Powerball.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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