Illinois Lottery launches its Cash for Life

Monday April 18th 2011

When people play lottery games they usually hope to win a life changing amount of money and this doesn’t always mean that it needs to be the jackpot. Financial security if often what most people would be happy with and as the Illinois Lottery launches its Cash for Life game, players will be pleased to see that that this new instant game offers just that.

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$186 Million
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This fantastic new scratch off game from the Illinois Lottery has three different price tiers which allows players not only to play this game at a price that suits them the most, but also choose how much cash they would receive each week should they win. The Illinois Lottery offers a top pay out for $2,500 a week and to be in with a shout of winning this, you will need to purchase a £5 Cash for Life instant lottery ticket. A $2 ticket could win you $1,000 a week while the lowest price ticket offers $500 a week. Just imagine how life changing it could be to receive any of these lottery prizes every single week for the rest of your life.

While we are not talking of winning a multi million lottery prize, many Illinois Lottery players will find a win of this kind a very attractive prospect. Of course, how much would be won overall, would depend on the age of the winner and how long they live, so there is excellent potential for a person to win a total exceeding $2 million.

So when you next buy a lotto ticket for the Illinois Lottery, why not splash out on one of these fantastic new scratch off games too.

Written by Brett Levenson

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