Illinois Lottery winners may miss out

Saturday March 13th 2010

Many lotteries worldwide offer Millionaire Raffle games with their lottery games from time to time, often to celebrate a special occasion or date. Last year the Illinois Lottery offered a Millionaire Raffle game in celebration of St Patrick’s Day,  but sadly  two Illinois Lottery winners may miss out on the $1,000 prizes they have each won on this lottery Millionaire Raffle game, as they have not yet made their claims for their fantastic  prizes.

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Time for them to do so is running out fast as they only have until Wednesday to claim.

The winning  Millionaire Raffle tickets from the Illinois Lottery were sold at the Convenient Food Mart, 501.W, 87th St, Naperville, and the Speedway, 15 Randall Road, Aurora. If you are a player and usually buy lottery tickets from this location and particularly, the said Millionaire Raffle game, then now would be a good time to check these tickets if you still have them. After Wednesday 18th March it will be too late to claim the prize.

Any lottery player who holds tickets for this or any other game from the Illinois Lottery can have their tickets verified by any Illinois Lottery retailer within the state.

If the winners of this Millionaire Raffle game do not step forward in time to make their claim, then the money will be awarded to the Illinois Common School Fund. However, although it is a worthy cause the purpose of the Millionaire raffle was to give players and extra chance to win and it would be sad to see a winner not take advantage of this opportunity from the Illinois Lottery.

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