Indiana Lottery winner is on probation

Wednesday January 6th 2010

We have heard many stories over the last few weeks of employees at lottery retail outlets acting inappropriately and even stealing lottery winnings from members of the public. The news that an Indiana Lottery winner is on probation for violation of lottery policy is just another example of such behaviour and one that other such employees should bear in mind if they are ever inclined to think about going down the same route.

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Betty Jacobi, who is 54 years of age, managed the Cowboy Gas and Convenience store in New Salisbury which is where she purchased her $1 million winning scratch off lottery ticket from, which violated the Indiana Lottery policy. Obviously Jacobi was unable to claim her prize due to this violation and gave the winning lottery ticket to her daughter, who promptly claimed the prize along with a $30,000 first instalment. However, after a tip off, Hoosier Lottery then looked further into to claim and after studying surveillance footage, discovered that Jacobi’s daughter had not even been in the store on the day that the scratch off ticket from the Indiana Lottery was purchased.

There are a few state lotteries in the US who do not allow employees to buy lottery tickets in their own store and the Indiana Lottery is one of those. After her guilty plea, Jacobi has found herself serving 60 days probation and 24 hours community service for her deception instead of enjoying her lottery win. Some may deem this a silly mistake when she could have quite easily purchased her Indiana Lottery tickets elsewhere in order to make a lawful claim.

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