Indiana Powerball Winner Claims Jackpot Anonymously

Tuesday March 14th 2017

The Powerball winner from February 22nd has chosen to remain anonymous after coming forward to claim their jackpot of $435.3 million. Indiana is one of the few states which allows players to remain private after a big win, and the lucky ticket holder has set up a limited liability corporation to receive their money.

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There was a keen sense of anticipation ahead of Monday’s press conference after it was confirmed that winner had finally claimed their prize, but only a few details were disclosed as they opted for anonymity. It was revealed that the winner was a Purdue University graduate, who works at a manufacturing facility in Lafayette and bought five tickets for the February 22nd drawing at a convenience store in the city.

One of the tickets matched the winning numbers 10, 13, 28, 52 and 61, with Powerball 2, and the lucky player has now decided to accept a one-off cash payment rather than take the annuity option of the full jackpot. The lump-sum worked out at $189.1 million after federal and state taxes were withheld.

“Once he saw the numbers matched, he couldn’t sleep,” a representative of the LLC said, quoted by WWTV. “He tried calling his brother later that morning, but he didn’t answer. He then called his dad, who joked, ‘I thought you were calling to say that you won the lottery?’ to which the winner replied, ‘Maybe I did!’”

Powerball has not been won since the Indiana player grabbed the jackpot, and the top prize is now worth $123 million ahead of Wednesday night’s drawing. Tickets can be bought from authorized retailers in participating states and jurisdictions.

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