Iowa takes on the MegaMillions

Wednesday November 18th 2009

The move to cross-selling the two main lotteries in the US is well and truly on the move as Iowa takes on the MegaMillions. On 17th October, we brought news to you that the various US lottery organisations involved had reached an agreement to cross sell the country’s two biggest lotteries. These being the Powerball Lottery and MegaMillions Lottery.

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Both of these lotteries are multi-state lotteries and until recently states throughout the US operate one or the other but not both. However, an agreement was reached back in October to allow lottery participating states to cross sell tickets for both of these lottery games.

The MegaMillions is currently offered in 12 lottery states, whereas the Powerball is offered in 30 but this latest agreement could soon the see the number of participating states for each reach a more even figure as more states offer to cross sell lottery tickets for both. Although it is not clear at this time, how many states will choose to offer their player the chance to buy lottery tickets for both of these games, it does seem that each state lottery that chooses to opt out of the cross selling agreement would have more to lose. Choosing not to cross sell would simply force  players from that state to purchase their lottery tickets across the border, thus possibly diverting sales away from the home  state.

The Iowa Lottery plans to start selling lottery tickets for the Mega Millions on 31st January 2010, in time for the drawing on 2nd February 2010. As time moves on, we will expect to see many more states follow in the footsteps of Iowa.

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