Kansas Lottery player donated winning ticket

Tuesday August 24th 2010

A hospital was $10,000 richer last month after the executive director opened an anonymous letter to find a Kansas Lottery player had donated a winning lottery ticket. The hospital in question was in Mitchell County, and serves a small community, so donations such as this are very important to them and can make a lot of difference to their day to day running. The lottery ticket was for a Powerball draw which took place on 17th July and it is clear from the anonymous note that the sender clearly knew the value of the PowerBall lottery ticket.

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The officials at the hospital were not aware of how much the ticket was worth until it was checked and it was found that one line on the lottery ticket matched four numbers and the PowerBall to scoop the $10,000 prize.

The Mitchell County hospital is currently undergoing an $11 million renovation and relies totally on donations to carry out such work, so this donation from the Kansas Lottery player could prove to be a lifeline for future projects that this hospital undertakes in the future. They are currently trying to raise $150,000 to renovate a building which will provide somewhere for the families of patients to stay. So this lottery donation will definitely be wisely spent.

Lottery officials were able to reveal that the lotto ticket was purchased from Pump Start gas station, which is no more than two blocks away from the hospital, but apart from that no other details of the Kansas Lottery player are known but the donor is quite obviously local.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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