Lottery Heaven in Devon

Thursday April 30th 2009

A National Lottery player from Devon in the UK is celebrating a second prize Lotto win worth £50,503 after matching five main numbers and the bonus ball. Rita Parker, who lives in Tiverton, plays the Lotto with one other work colleague as a ‘syndicate of two’, so they will split the prize and enjoy £25,250 each.

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Rita, who lives with her partner Michael, has three children. She described how she came to discover the win that gave her access to her very own ‘lottery heaven’:

“I realised we had a winning ticket when I checked the numbers on Teletext, and I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Rita said. “I had to ask Michael to check it for me too.”

Michael checked Rita’s ticket against the lottery results and confirmed that she had indeed won the second highest prize, missing out on the jackpot itself by just one number. Rita was delighted with the win, and soon started thinking about how to spend her share of the prize money.

“I’m definitely going to buy a new washing machine,” she said. “Mine has been leaking and I haven’t been able to afford to replace it – until now!”

Rita will also be treating her family thanks to her lucky lottery ticket. “I’m going to buy my mum a new TV ready for the digital switchover and I’m also going to buy her a new cooker. My eldest daughter is expecting my first grandchild this year, so I’ll be buying some things for the baby. My son just wants a mobile phone.”

Despite all of the excitement, Rita is not going to let her lottery win lead to an uncontrolled spending splurge. “I’ve never had much money, so it’s a great feeling to know I’ve got this win behind me,” she said. “I’m not going to be silly with it and waste it – I’ll spend it sensibly.”

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