Lottery rollovers January 11th, 2010

Monday January 11th 2010

Lottery players all over the world will have everything to play for in the coming week as three world lottery games continue to climb. This weeks lottery rollovers are offering players the chance to bag some of the worlds highest lottery jackpots. The highest being the Italian Lottery game, SuperEnalotto, which is now boasting a jackpot of a massive €120.3 million making it the highest lottery jackpot to play for in this coming week.

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The SuperEnalotto again failed to produce a winner at its last draw. This is one lottery that will see a dramatic increase in ticket sales until it is won.

The EuroMillions lottery, again a European game comes in some way behind the SuperEnalotto. Currently standing at a whopping €58 million as this game also has failed to produce a winner for a few weeks. As the EuroMillions is the easiest of these two lottery games to win, we may find that it does prove to be slightly more popular than the SuperEnalotto. However, both of these lottery jackpots will become increasingly sought after as they continue to rise.

Turning to a multi state lottery game in the US, the MegaMillions. This game has also rolled over again, which has now created a jackpot  of an impressive $60 million. The other multi state lottery in the US, the PowerBall falls some way behind at $30 million.

So when  players turn to buy lottery tickets this week, they will find that these are the lottery games offering the highest jackpots and will no doubt, prove to be the most attractive games to play.

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