Lottery syndicates guide to the SuperEnalotto

Tuesday July 27th 2010

Many lottery players from around the world know that the best way to increase your chances of a lottery win is to club together with other players and create a lottery syndicate. The more tickets you buy, the higher your chances of a big win to share. The only problem is with this is that often, lottery jackpots aren’t always high enough to be life-changing wins when shared. The trick is, with the aid of the internet to follow big lottery jackpots from around the world, one of such right now is the Italian Lottery and that’s why we’ve put together the lottery syndicates guide to the SuperEnalotto.

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There’s a SuperEnalotto Italian Lottery draw this evening and the estimated jackpot for that draw is €104.6 million. It’s easy to see why this lottery is a popular choice for lottery syndicates. Lottery jackpots of this magnitude are not uncommon on the SuperEnalotto and it’s little wonder when you consider the way the lottery is played.

The SuperEnalotto Italian Lottery selects six winning numbers each week and to win the SuperEnalotto jackpot you must match all six of these winning numbers. However, as the SuperEnalotto is drawn from a pool of 90 balls, the lottery is one of the most difficult in the world to win.

This is what makes it an ideal choice for lottery syndicates, the more lotto tickets you can buy, the more combinations of lottery numbers you can cover, increasing your chances at winning the jackpot. Whole office blocks and villages in Italy have been known to club together to buy lottery tickets when the SuperEnalotto climbs over €100 million, even a hundred strong syndicate would receive over €1 million each! So why not get your SuperEnalotto syndicate together now and employ some selective number choosing to increase your chances at this big SuperEnalotto jackpot?

Written by Brett Levenson

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