Lottery winner uses birth dates

Monday August 2nd 2010

When you choose your numbers for any lottery game, often many people will use numbers which are relevant to them such as lucky numbers, ages or anything else which makes their number selection a little easier. The news that a lottery winner uses birth dates to select her numbers has scooped a massive $59,000 prize on the New Mexico Lottery, will bring a little relief to people who use such methods and wonder if they do ever really work, as this New Mexico Lottery winner has proved that it can.

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A Los Lunas woman named as Maria B Lovato, purchased a New Mexico Lottery ticket for the Roadrunner Cash draw which took place on 22nd July and used the birth dates of both herself, her mother, two sisters and grandson when selecting the numbers for her lotto ticket. This scooped the New Mexico Lottery winner her fantastic prize which she discovered after using a self service lottery ticket checker.

Having no less than five grandchildren, Lovato will have so difficulty finding something to spend her lottery win on and plans to take all of her grandchildren to Disneyland as well as making some extra payments on her mortgage.

The winning ticket was purchased from Smiths in Los Lunas, which has previously sold seven other big winning lottery tickets, scooping prizes of between $1,000 and $30,000.

Since the New Mexico Lottery began in 1996, there as been more than $447 million raised for state education which has benefited more than 61,000 students in the form of scholarships.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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