Lotto 649 winners give fortune to charity

Monday November 8th 2010

A couple from Nova Scotia in Canada, who were Lotto 649 winners, give their fortune to charity without spending a single penny of it on themselves. Allen and Violet Large scooped an $11.2 million lottery jackpot back in July of this year but decided that their family and charities would be more worthy of their win, claiming that they simply didn’t need it. The couple live in an old house and have a comfortable lifestyle, but are happy with the life they lead and chose not to change it.

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The winning Lotto 649 ticket was for the draw that took place on July 14th and while Allen described the win as ‘a big headache,’ his wife Violet was concerned about people trying to take advantage of them, hence their decision to give away their Lotto 649 fortune.

Violet was in the early stages of treatment for cancer when they had their lottery win and has just undergone her last chemotherapy treatment. The fact that the couple still have each other after receiving this devastating news back in the spring has made this win on the Lotto 649 relatively insignificant and unimportant.

Among the beneficiaries of their lottery win are hospitals which took care of Violet during her cancer treatment, along with churches, cemeteries, Salvation Army and the Red Cross to name just a few. However, the couple have not disclosed how much of their Lotto 649 fortune was given to each of these organizations.

If you would like to buy lotto tickets for the next Lotto 649 draw which take place on Wednesday 10th November, the jackpot is currently standing at an estimated $11 million.

Written by Brett Levenson

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