Lotto Max Canada head for MaxMillions

Wednesday October 20th 2010

 The news that Lotto Max Canada heads for MaxMillions again, is probably one of the most exciting stories in the lottery world today. Aside of course from the massive SuperEnalotto jackpot and the recent £113 million win in the UK on the EuroMillions. However, on the other side of the Atlantic, all eyes will be turning to the relatively new lottery game in Canada called Lotto Max. The next draw which will take place on Friday is currently offering a staggering $44 million jackpot, meaning that one more rollover could see it reach its MaxMillions status.

Every time that Lotto Max reaches MaxMillions, we see a ticket buying frenzy in Canada and indeed all over the world as players flock to buy lottery tickets for this game which offers many more chances for players to become millionaires.

Lotto Max will reach the MaxMillions status once the jackpot reaches $50 million, Once this is reached there is a fixed $50 million jackpot and anything over and above this amount is used for extra MaxMillions prizes of $1 million each, This means that if the Lotto Max had a total jackpot of $80 million there would be the main lottery jackpot of $50 million plus 30 individual $1 million prizes, so it is not hard to see why Lotto Max is such a popular lottery game to play.

So with Lotto Max being so close to MaxMillions, the draw on Friday will bring a lot of interest to the lottery world as players wait to see if they will be buying lotto tickets for a jackpot exceeding the $50 million next week.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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