Lotto Max Canada turns up the heat

Friday October 29th 2010

When it comes to the weekend there are always a huge amount of lottery jackpots to play for world wide. The team here at alottery always do their best to bring you the news of the ones which we feel you will be most interested to hear about. This week Lotto Max Canada turns up the heat in the world of lottery as it enters Max Millions status, which was much anticipated before the draw on Friday. Last week, yet again, saw no players match all of the numbers drawn.

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$211 Million
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Lotto Max is probably the most popular of all of the Canadian Lottery games and when it reaches this coveted MaxMillions status is really isn’t that difficult to see why. For a relatively new lottery game, Lotto Max has gone from strength to strength and has continued to cause a stir across Canada every time it reaches MaxMillions.

Now that the Lotto Max jackpot has reached its $50 million cap, we will now see all funds generated over and above this cap, create individual MaxMillions prizes of $1 million each. Tonight’s Lotto Max draw will see 11 of these MaxMillions prizes up for grabs and this is an exciting start considering this is the first draw offering MaxMillions prizes for this outing.

Those of you who would like to buy a lotto ticket to play Lotto Max will be pleased to know that playing for MaxMillions is included in the play. You have the chance of winning not only the massive Lotto Max jackpot, but also one of the MaxMillions prizes too. All from the same ticket.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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