Lotto Max hits MaxMillions

Monday May 31st 2010

After many weeks of anticipation from Canadian Lottery players for their favourite game to reach this coveted status, Lotto Max hits MaxMillions for this coming week. Hopes have been dashed several times this year as this lottery game has produced a winner just before MaxMillions has been reached, but much to the joy of all players who play Lotto Max, it has finally got there, after no one managed to match the winning numbers that were drawn on Friday. This means that players now have more chances of winning a big prize with Lotto Max.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$211 Million
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Winning a big prize is obviously what people hope to do when they play any lottery game but a prize of $1 million or above can usually only happen if you win a lottery jackpot. With only one lottery jackpot on offer for any game for each draw, players only usually have one chance at this each time they play. Now that Lotto Max has reached MaxMillions, this concept will change which is what makes this game so exciting to play.

Although there is only one Canadian Lotto Max jackpot still on offer and this has now reached $50 million, MaxMillions means that there are also a series of $1 million prizes to be won. It is estimated that there will be five additional Lotto Max $1 million prizes for the next draw. So if you hold a lotto ticket for Lotto Max, not only do have the chance of winning the $50 million jackpot, you also have five extra chances of winning a $1 million prize with the extra draws produced by the MaxMillions status.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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