Lotto Max Starts Up MaxMillions Again

Wednesday February 1st 2012

In Friday’s Lotto Max draw there was a jackpot of CAD $50 million available to win, and we all know that when this Canadian lottery hits it maximum top prize of CAD $50 million, the additional game of MaxMillions starts up. In Friday’s draw (27th January 2012) there were two MaxMillions draws that took place and both of these extra draws had winners. However, in the main Lotto Max draw no players matched the numbers drawn to become top prize winners, meaning that this Friday’s draw has an estimated ten MaxMillions draws set to take place.

The Lotto Max results from Friday’s draw were:

  • 8, 24, 28, 34, 37, 43, 45 and the Bonus Ball was 21.
  • Encore: 9690835

Although no ticket holders managed to win the top prize by matching all seven of the numbers drawn, there were three ticket holders who matched six numbers and the Bonus Ball to each win CAD $212,239. In addition to that over 1.2 million players matched any three of the numbers drawn to win the smallest Lotto Max prizes which consists of a free play (basically a free Lotto Max ticket).

The two MaxMillions results from Friday’s draw were:

  • 2, 6, 9, 21, 34, 37 and 43.
  • 20, 21, 22, 25, 27, 28 and 33.

As already stated both of MaxMillions draws had jackpot winners that each took home CAD $1 million, however this is the first time this year that Lotto Max has reached its limit and MaxMillions has started. The last time MaxMillions was available to play was on the 30th December 2011 when ten MaxMillions draws took place, however only four of these ten CAD $1 million prizes were won.

If you fancy winning the Lotto Max jackpot of CAD $50 million on Friday, or even one of the estimated ten MaxMillions CAD $1 million prizes, have your tickets ready and don’t forget to check the Lotto Max results shortly after the draw has taken place to see if you are a winner!

Written by Katelin Thompson

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