Lotto Max winner revealed

Thursday May 13th 2010

The Lotto Max draw which took place on 23rd April had hit a high of $41 million. Hopes were high that this lottery game would rollover one more time, which would almost definitely have seen it reach MaxMillions status. This was not to be, as we brought the news to you on 27th April that the jackpot had in fact been won by a single ticket holder who at the time had not come forward. However, we can now tell you that this Lotto Max winner is revealed as Cameron Blair from Edmonton.

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Blair had recently been laid off from his welding job and saw an advertisement for the Lotto Max $41 million jackpot and decided to buy lottery tickets for the game. He bought two $11 quick pick tickets from a Shell station which he says that he would probably not have bought had he not been laid off from his job.

Lotto Max is a relatively new game for the Canadian Lottery which launched in September 2009. The fact that this Lotto Max jackpot win is Canada’s fourth largest single ticket win ever, is a very impressive milestone for the game and makes it easy to see why the game is so popular. This is also the second time that a multi million lottery jackpot has been won by a ticket holder in Edmonton.

The largest ever lottery jackpot to be scooped was back in October 2005. A jackpot worth $54.3 million which was the largest ever, was scooped by a syndicate of oil and gas workers, also from Edmonton.

Written by Brett Levenson

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