Lotto winners same trousers

Friday December 31st 2010

A UK lottery winner wore – and even slept in – the same pair of trousers for five days to ensure that he kept his £3.6million ticket safe. Plumber Paul Goldie was one of two people to buy lottery tickets for the Christmas Day draw who shared the jackpot.

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And he told Newcastle newspaper The Journal that the first items on his and wife Christine’s shopping list had been two new cars, to replace the 16-year-old Volvo he had previously driven. Even that had been consigned to the driveway of the couple’s home in Washington, Tyne and Wear, recently as the family couldn’t afford to run it.

Paul and Christine, who have two daughters and four grandchildren, now have two brand new Audis parked on their drive, and although they are planning to buy a bigger house, they say it will still be in the same area. Paul was so excited about his win that he crashed his works van into a bollard less than a week later – and he still hadn’t told his boss about his National Lottery windfall.

Written by Samantha Jones

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