Luckiest Lottery Locations

Wednesday January 9th 2008

National Lottery organisers in the United Kingdom have published a list of the top ten luckiest postcodes in the country, along with the surprising statistic that 1 in 9,423 Brits has won a share of a National Lottery jackpot since the game was launched in November 1994.

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The luck of all British postcodes was assessed according to the total amount of top tier prizes (jackpots) that had been won by residents. The data included secondary lottery games as well as the main Lotto.

For the past five years, the luckiest location in the UK has been Ilford, but the latest figures show that Medway Towns (ME) has jumped two places from last year to take the top spot, pushing Ilford (IL) back into second place. Another Essex postcode, this time Romford (RM) came third. These three front runners were followed by (in order) Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (NE), Dartford (DA), Bradford (BD), Teesside (TS), Sunderland (SR), Hull (HU) and Perth (PE).

Several of the postcodes appearing in the top ten are making their first appearance, and the UK Lotto operators are delighted with this. “It’s great to see so many new postcodes in the top 10, some for the first time ever,” said a National Lottery spokesperson. “It just proves that by playing the lottery, your luck can change for the better at any time.”

Collectively, the top ten postcode areas have won more than £1 billion since the National Lottery was launched in 1994. This equates to residents winning 539 top prizes and the creation of 220 new millionaires.

Whilst people living in any of the top ten postcodes will no doubt be delighted that they happen to reside in Britain’s luckiest lottery locations, those who live elsewhere shouldn’t be despondent. The National Lottery organisers say that there are, “an average of 17 millionaires created in every postcode area in the UK.” Even more specifically, an average of over £7,400,000 has been paid out to top prize winners in every postcode in the UK over the past year.

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