Lucky spot for South Carolina Lottery player

Friday June 24th 2011

After almost throwing away what was thought to be a losing scratchcard ticket, a lucky spot for a South Carolina Lottery player saw him walk away with $200,000 win. The man from Rock Hill suddenly noticed he had missed a scratchcard spot on his ticket, but even after he scratched the final spot, the win was still not certain until he got it checked at the store from where the lottery ticket was purchased.

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The Stacks of Cash scratchcard lottery ticket was purchased from Bob’s Food Mart in Rock Hill and when the winner finally revealed what was beneath the spot that he had originally missed, he couldn’t be sure whether he was seeing a number one or a number seven. However, after having the South Carolina Lottery ticket checked, he was satisfied that he had in fact won a £200,000 top prize.

The name of this lucky South Carolina Lottery player has not been revealed but this winner plans to use his fortune to pay off the mortgage on his house. Lottery retailers receive a 1% bonus on all lottery wins of $10,000 or more, so Bob’s Food Mart will receive £2,000 on this particular win.

The odds of winning a prize of £200,000 on this game are one in 480,000. However, all top prizes on this lottery game have now been won. There is still an estimated prize fund of more than $500,000 waiting to be won, so you could still net a tidy win if you buy one of these lotto tickets from the South Carolina Lottery.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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