Machines to sell Scratch-off lottery tickets

Monday September 7th 2009

The bottle necks caused by the popularity of Scratch-off lottery tickets will soon come to an end in Florida. It has been announced that 1,000 vending machines to sell Scratch-off lottery tickets will be installed throughout the state in a bid to raise lottery revenue by cutting down queues and making things easier for the lottery retailer.

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It is expected that the Florida Lottery vending machines could be installed in Miami-Dade and Broward counties as soon as Monday and a $3.4 million annual lottery profit rise has been predicted, from the new automated system.

Florida Lottery players can enjoy a range of games by using the new machines, which include $1 Triple Win tickets and $600 Million High Roller tickets which cost $30 each.

It is said that the new Florida Lottery machines look very similar to the ones that dispense soda and candy, but by law lottery players must be over 18 to purchase scratchcards games. In a bid to make sure that children do not use them, all store clerks will be issued with a remote control that will enable them to turn off the lottery machines if a minor attempts to use them.

It seems that the role of lottery retailer may slowly diminish. You can buy lottery tickets online and now with the introduction of buying Scratch-off tickets through a vending machine, lottery retailers must be slightly concerned. If this venture from the Florida Lottery proves successful, we may well see other States following suit.

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