Maine Lottery Set To Introduce Cash Pop in October

Tuesday May 16th 2023

The Maine Lottery is set to become the latest state to offer Cash Pop, after a licensing agreement was struck with International Game Technology (IGT).

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Cash Pop is a game patented by IGT and has already proved to be popular in other parts of the country, having been introduced by several state lotteries over the past couple of years.

It has now been announced that the game will be coming to Maine, with an expected launch date of October. There are set to be five drawings a day.

‘An Exciting Addition’

Maine already has a range of games for lottery fans to enjoy, but Cash Pop is set to provide something a bit different.

Michael Boardman, Maine State Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages & Lottery Operations Deputy Director, said: “IGT’s Cash Pop game will enhance the Maine Lottery’s draw-game portfolio and engage a new demographic of players with its easy-to-play game mechanics.

“Over the last few years, we have witnessed other lotteries’ significant sales success by launching Cash Pop, and we believe the game’s personalized gameplay experiences will resonate with players, enabling us to achieve similar results.”

IGT officials are similarly delighted by the deal. Jay Gendron, Chief Operating Officer for IGT, Global Lottery, said: “This licensing agreement with the Maine Lottery is an important blueprint for IGT offering our proprietary Cash Pop game to more lotteries around the world. Cash Pop will be an exciting addition to the Maine Lottery’s draw game portfolio with its simplistic gameplay and flexible features that players readily embrace.”

How Cash Pop Works

Cash Pop is such a simple game because only one number, between 1 and 15, is selected in each draw.

You can choose more than one number, known as a Pop, if you like, and you can even ‘cover all’ possible outcomes for a guaranteed win. You must also select a wager amount from $1 to $10.

The twist is that a prize value is randomly assigned to your selected number(s) when you purchase your ticket, showing how much you can win if that number is drawn as the winner. 

All these features make it a game in which players can enjoy a ‘personalized experience’, and it is expected to be a fan favorite when it arrives in Maine later in 2023.

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