Man claims he shredded winning Florida Lottery ticket

Friday October 8th 2010

It is no secret that times are hard and we all do whatever we can to get our hands on some extra money whenever we can, but we are always amazed at the lengths that some people will go to in order to get their hands on a lottery win that isn’t rightfully theirs. This latest example when a man claimed he shredded a winning Florida Lottery ticket, has left many people shocked that someone could come with such an extreme and believable story and turn out to be a conman.

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The Florida Lottery prize in question was for a $14.5 million win from the draw that took place on 22nd September. Chris Gooden aged 31 came forward and claimed he had put the winning Florida Lottery ticket through the shredder by mistake, leaving him with just shreds of the lottery ticket to show he was the winner. However, it was only realised that this story was not what it seems when the real winner, Jean Land who is 70 years old, finally submitted her Florida Lottery ticket as the genuine winner.

It was very lucky that Jean Land came forward and claimed her Florida Lottery win when she did as Chris Gooden had already gone to the extremes of contacting the press over his claims and it seems that his detailed story claiming that he had accidently shredded his winning lottery ticket was believable to many people.

The rightful winner has chosen to take her lottery win in a lump sum of $9.2 million, which will be shared with seven other lottery syndicate members that she has been buying lotto tickets with for many years.

Written by Samantha Jones

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