Man wins on Ohio Lottery twice

Monday June 14th 2010

Most of us are aware that playing the lottery doesn’t just mean playing the main draw. Many world wide lottery games have other games and scratch off cards as part of their games. This gives lottery players a huge choice in the type of games they can choose to play from. These other games can also pay out big winnings just like a main lottery game and news that a man wins on the Ohio Lottery twice is all of the evidence anyone will need to convince them that this really can and does happen.

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Paul Hayes bought a $20 scratch off lotto ticket called $2 Million Anniversary from a convenience store in Springfield recently and won a $2,500 prize. This lottery win meant that the winning scratch off ticket was automatically entered into a draw to win the $2 million top prize offered on this game from the Ohio Lottery. Paul Hayes suspected something was going on when he received a telephone call from the Ohio Lottery asking him to come to their Dayton Office but gave no reason for the request.

Once Hayes arrived at the lottery office it wasn’t long before he found out the reason for his visit. Allison Turner, Promotions Manager promptly presented Hayes with a check for winning the $2 million top prize on this scratch off game as the eyes of the media looked on.

Hayes has no plans for his windfall at the moment and has the choice of receiving his lottery prize as a $690,000 lump sum after taxes or in 26 annual instalments.

Written by Brett Levenson

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