Maryland Lottery player waited 15 years for win

Saturday August 7th 2010

When playing the lottery many players choose numbers and play the same ones each time. One Maryland Lottery player waited 15 years for a win after choosing random numbers and using them time after time. There are no guarantees that using the same lottery numbers each week will increase your chances of winning whether you choose them randomly or use special dates and numbers in your choice. However, it does make the process of deciding which numbers to choose for the lottery each week that little bit easier.

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This Maryland Lottery player will now find these numbers very special to him after scooping a massive $150,017 lottery win. The Maryland Lottery game was the $6 Bonus Match Five game, for which he originally bought one ticket. Later he bought another two of these lotto tickets on a hunch, using exactly the same numbers and after 15 years he finally won the lottery.

The winner, named as Chris Hoffman, purchased his lotto tickets at Ranch Liquor at Lusby Town Square. He plans to spend his win from the Maryland Lottery to pay off the money that is outstanding on his truck and then use the rest as a down payment on a house. These are the kinds of things that many lottery winners find to do with their wins before considering anything else.

The top prize for this Maryland lottery game is $50,000 for matching all five numbers and as players are allowed to win on multiple tickets as Hoffman did, this meant that all three of his tickets won $50,000 to total his $150,000 net prize.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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