Maryland Lottery winner takes fortune in his stride

Tuesday September 21st 2010

If any of us were to win $250,000 on the lottery most would be ecstatic and jumping for joy, but one Maryland Lottery winner takes his new fortune in his stride and he continues to be hounded by people who have never so much given him a glance before, let alone speak to him. Frankie Favorite, who is 49 years old is a sub-contractor in the construction industry. He was born and raised in Thurmont and had little more than $500 in his bank account when he had his Maryland Lottery win.

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Favorite owes around $9,000 to various credit companies for legal fees, but does not plan to use any of his Maryland Lottery win to pay off these debts. He plans to continue paying them off as he has been to rebuild his credit and plans to spend his lottery win on a house a Harley Davidson.

Thurmont is a small town and naturally the news of this Maryland lottery win spread very quickly and Favorite, although appreciative of the congratulations he has received, is finding the constant hounding a little hard to bear. He says ‘you didn’t know me when I was down and out, why do you need to know me now?’

This lucky Maryland Lottery player walked away with more than $163,000 from this lottery win after taxes, and still plans to buy lottery tickets in the future. Although his bank account is looking somewhat larger than it was, he claims he is still the same person as he was when he had just $500 in there before his lottery win.

Written by Brett Levenson

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