Maryland player wins MegaMillions lottery

Saturday March 31st 2012

At least one ticket holder living in Baltimore County, Maryland has won the record breaking $640,000,000 MegaMillions lottery jackpot according to lottery officials early on Saturday morning. Later in the day news broke that there were actually three winning tickets for the record breaking jackpot - the original Maryland ticket holder, another from Illinois and one from Kansas. As yet details are not available as to whether the Megamillions winning ticket holders are part of a syndicate or single players. These details will no doubt be announced in the next few days.

The full Megamillions results for last night's mammoth jackpot were not revealed until much later than is usual but this is not unusual for such a huge jackpot. Alongside the three jackpot winners there were over 16 million other players who also took home a cash prize of which 161 where in the second prize tier category of matching the five main balls. These winners hailed from 34 of the 44 jurisdictions that participate in this multi-state lottery in America. The state that held the most winning tickets in the match 5 prize tier was California but unlike other states, California pays out on a pari-mutuel basis so instead of a $250,000 cash prize winners in this state will receive just $227,955 each.

For the winners of the Megamillions jackpot there is now a choice; are they going to take the annuity payment of $213,333,333 each or go for the cash payment of $154,000,000. As more news breaks about the winners we will keep you posted.

For those of our readers who have yet to check, the Megamillions results for Friday 30th March 2012 were (2) (4) (23) (38) (46) with Megaball (23).

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