Massive jackpots for US lotteries

Tuesday April 13th 2010

It isn't just Europe that will be playing for staggering lottery jackpots this week but it would be safe to say the whole world will go lottery mad. The massive jackpots for US lotteries PowerBall and MegaMillions couple with those of the European games is likely to bring a frenzy bigger than anything we have seen for a long time and of course it is times like this that all world lottery games are at their most exciting and enjoyable to play. The decision for most lottery players this week will be which one of these lottery games they should play.

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The US multi state PowerBall tops the jackpots this week with a massive $175 million to play for on Wednesday, this alone would be enough to make people turn out to buy lottery tickets this week, but there are plenty more where that came from for the week ahead. The other multi state game MegaMillions has also risen again offering an amazing $105 million for the draw on Tuesday. Lottery players in the US would think this is all they need to make it an exciting week for them but the Florida Lottery has also been climbing steadily over several draws and has now reached a high of $49 million for the next draw which is also on Wednesday. Making the total combined jackpot, for just these three games this week almost $320 million.

Of course there is no reason why people can’t play all of these lottery games this week but due to the size of the jackpot, the PowerBall is likely to be the one which generates the most interest at the moment.

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