MatchPlay from the Colorado Lottery

Friday February 19th 2010

With states running their own lottery games in the US, it stands to reason that there will be frequent changes to the games offered to lottery players. The announcement that MatchPlay from the Colorado Lottery will be launching next week, will come as no surprise considering the additions we have seen on other states in recent months.  This new game for the is its first new jackpot game for a whopping nine years and offers more ways to win a rolling jackpot of $100,000.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$211 Million
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Draws for this new lottery game will take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7.40pm and players will be able to buy lottery tickets for this game from Sunday 21st February in time for the first draw which will be held on Tuesday 23rd February.

The MatchPlay game from the Colorado Lottery will offer players three lines of game play for just $2. Lottery players have the choice to either hand pick or opt for a Quick Pick on their first line of lottery numbers and the remaining two lines are automatically generated. To win the jackpot on this lottery game, players will need to match all six numbers across a line. Players who match five numbers or more in any combination across all three lines will win a prize, along with matching three, four or five numbers in any straight line, to also win a prize on this new lottery game.

The odds of winning a prize on this new game from the Colorado Lottery are one in six, which is much higher than any other game offered by the state.

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