Maxmillions Starts Up

Wednesday November 16th 2011

Lotto Max is an attractive Canadian lottery game to play as its boats impressive jackpots from frequent rollovers. However Lotto Max has climbed up to CAD $50 million which is actually the highest amount it can reach. This now means Maxmillions starts up, this is where the excess prize money above and beyoond the jackpot cap for Lotto Max goes and is then distributed via extra draws. Maxmillions is an extra draw which is bound to get people’s attention because while the jackpot stays elusive players can win a CAD $1 million prize whilst playing this extra lottery game.

The Lotto Max reached its limit on November 11th so this meant that the first Maxmillions draw took place that night. On this particular night there were two draws that happened in which the results of these show that no players matched either set of numbers to become the first Maxmillions winners of this month.

As the jackpot can’t go any higher, any additional money that the Lotto Max accrues is put into the Maxmillions draws and as there were no players who won either of the two CAD $1 million Maxmillions prizes last Friday there will be considerably more prizes available to win this week. The Maxmillions results from Friday 11th November 2011 were: 

  • 7- 17 - 19 - 21 - 34 - 42 - 48
  • 2 - 3 - 25 - 29 - 32 - 33 - 35

On Friday night it is estimated that around 17 Maxmillions draws will happen, which means that in total 17 ticket holders could become millionaires before the weekend even begins! While the jackpot continues to remain un-touched the Maxmillions lottery game will carry on playing. It is only when a lucky ticket holder matches the Lotto Max results will the Maxmillions stop.

If you want to be part of either the Lotto Max or the Maxmillions have your tickets ready for two days’ time when all of the draws will take place and be sure to check the Lotto Max results to see if you are a winner. Good luck!

Written by Samantha Jones

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