Mega Millions $1.35 Billion Jackpot Won in Maine

Saturday January 14th 2023

The second biggest Mega Millions jackpot in history was won in Maine on January 13, after rolling over in every draw since October 14, 2022.

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The $1.35 billion winning numbers were: 30, 43, 45, 46 and 61 with the Mega Ball 14. The Megaplier number was 2x. View the full list of payouts.

The lucky ticket holder(s) will have 1 year from the draw date to claim their winnings according to state lottery rules and they will also have to decide whether to take their prize as a cash lump sum ($724.6 million) or receive annuity payments over the next 30 years. Each option comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, check out the Cash or Annuity page for more details.

No details are currently known about the winner, however we’ll bring you any updates here at as we receive them.

Now that the jackpot has finally been won, it has reset to its base level of $20 million for the next drawing on Tuesday, January 17.

It wasn’t just the jackpot winner(s) that will be receiving a bumper check, as 14 players won $1 million for matching the five main numbers without the Mega Ball.

In total, 5.82 million players each won a prize in Fridays drawing, ranging from the $2 to $1.35 billion.

How the $1.35 billion jackpot compares to other big Mega Millions jackpots

The final confirmed jackpot amount in Friday’s drawing was $1,350,000,000, which places it second in the table of the biggest Mega Millions wins.

In the history of Mega Millions, the jackpot has only climbed above the $1 billion mark four times. Take a look at each time this has happened:

Jackpot Amount

Draw Date

Number of Winners


October 23, 2018

1 (South Carolina)


January 13, 2023

1 (Maine)


July 29, 2022

1 (Illinois)


January 22, 2021

1 (Michigan) 

It’s not just Mega Millions that creates these colossal national jackpots. Back in November 2022 (yes, only three months ago!) one lucky Powerball player in California managed to match all the winning numbers to take home a $2.04 billion prize!

Lottery fever has well and truly returned to America with two lottery jackpots of more than a billion dollars being offered in such a short space of time.

What happens next for the winner?

The winner will have a number of big decisions to make now that they’re sitting on a billion dollar fortune.

They’ll first need to claim their prize before the deadline in Maine which will be on January 13, 2024.

As the winner bought their ticket in Maine, which does not allow winners to remain anonymous, some details about the winner will be released once they have staked their claim and started the payout process.

It’s likely that the winner will seek professional financial advice before claiming their win due to the decisions that need to be made.

One such decision is whether they should take the cash lump sum option or take the annuity payments over 30 years. Both have different tax implications (state and federal), but it ultimately comes down to preference.

If the winner opts for annuity, they’ll receive the advertised $1.35 billion split over the course of 30 years (after taxes).

If they opt for the Cash Lump Sum, they’ll receive the reduced amount of $724.6 million, likely within a few weeks of entering their claim (also after taxes).

Financial advisors are available to winners so that they can plan ahead and begin to enjoy their life with their new turbo-charged bank balance.

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