Mega Millions Rolls for a Thirteenth Time!

Wednesday October 8th 2014

The number 13 could bring good luck for a change if a Mega Millions player on Friday happens to snag the jackpot, which has rolled over that many times. No one matched all five main numbers and the Mega Ball last night to win $136 million, although there were plenty of prize winners from the $1 bonus gained by 1,208,394 ticket holders who matched just the Mega Ball to a cool $1 million claimed by two lucky players who matched five main numbers.

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$186 Million
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Players will be vying to claim the $150 million top prize on Friday night to become the first new Mega Millions jackpot winner since Rick Knudsen of California won $180 million on August 22nd. A strange series of coincidences lead to Rick having a premonition that he would win big, so he stopped off at a store and bought $10 of Quick Picks. Rick is now $180 million richer and has quit his job in the roofing business although he intends to help out his church with a new roof before calling it quits!

If you’d love the opportunity to tell the boss where to go then you can discover everything you need to know about playing this great interstate lottery at the Mega Millions page.

Mega Millions may be the biggest money game in the United States at the moment, but our European cousins are currently working themselves into a frenzy as their continent-wide lottery EuroMillions has reached a rollover jackpot of $162.1 million. Well known for their often fractious relationship, the English and French (and seven other countries) will be at odds on Friday night hoping that the bounty will be scooped in their country.

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