Mega Millions set to break all Lottery records with $1.6 billion jackpot

Saturday October 20th 2018

The Mega Millions jackpot has rolled over for a 25th consecutive draw in a row, and now posts a record estimated jackpot amount of $1.6billion for the draw on Tuesday October 23rd. The jackpot is now the equal biggest lottery jackpot ever offered in the United States and the rest of the world, matching the $1.6billion that was eventually won in January 2016 in Powerball.

The winning numbers for the draw on October 19th were 15-23-53-65-70 with a Mega ball of 7 and the Megaplier being 2. There were 15 lucky winners in the Match 5 tier, all of whom will take home $1million whilst one winner successfully matched the 5 main numbers and played with the Megaplier to increase his winnings to $2million. For more information on the draw results, check out the winning numbers for October 19th here.

Record breaking jackpot for October 23rd

Everybody’s attention now jumps to October 23rd and the estimated $1.6 billion jackpot. As this is the first estimation of the jackpot, it is likely that it will be re-estimated in the days leading up to the draw to an even higher amount based on the number of tickets that were sold. The jackpot for October 19th was originally estimated to be $868 million, but was re-assessed to $900 million, $970 million and then finally $1 billion just hours before the draw took place.

With the mad dash for tickets to commence first thing Sunday morning, we could well see an all-time record jackpot over the $1.7 billion mark for the draw on Tuesday October 23rd . With the current cash lump sum estimated at $913 million it could very well be possible for this draw to offer a cash lump sum of $1 billion. That’s right, you could become a billionaire overnight in one payment, all for the sake of a $2 ticket.

When Mega Millions changed their game format back in October 2017, this was the exact kind of situation they were looking for. They wanted to offer jackpots that could compete with the rival Powerball draw, and now they look set to absolutely smash the previous record of the worlds biggest jackpot.

Buying your Mega Millions tickets

Get to shops early to get your Mega Millions ticket to avoid disappointment. Lines will extend outside stores likely from now until the draw closes on Tuesday night, so make sure you get in early to buy your ticket and avoid disappointment. You don’t want to miss potentially the biggest jackpot the world has ever seen just because of one line!

Good luck!

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