Mega Millions Won After Sixth Rollover

Wednesday August 1st 2012

The Mega Millions has been won by one lucky ticket holder on Friday, 27th July 2012 after rolling over six times. The winning ticket was sold in Fremont, California, and was worth a life changing $52 million. Although the winner has not yet come forward to claim his or her prize, we can also confirm that the ticket was purchased at the Kwik Stop on Walnut Avenue, so if you bought a ticket from here for this draw, dig it out and check those numbers!

The winning numbers successfully matched were 2, 3, 4, 8, and 43 with a Mega number of 26, so check yours now! Along with the jackpot, there were also five other lucky ticket holders who netted $250,000 each by matching five numbers, plus a huge 49 ticket holders who matched four plus the Mega to take away a cool $10,000.

These results of course, reset the Mega Millions back to its minimum jackpot of $12 million, so those hoping for a repeat of the mega rollover back in March 2012 where the jackpot reached $656 million will have to be patient!

However, if its big jackpots you are after, you could do worse than have a play on the Euromillions this week, as the draw this Friday, 3rd August 2012 has an estimated jackpot of €176 million, which is just €14 million away from its cap. Should this jackpot not be won tonight, it will undoubtedly reach the cap of €190 million on its rollover to the following Tuesday, so if you fancy having a shot at winning big, the Euromillions is the lotto to play this week!

Written by Brett Levenson

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