Mega Sena Jackpot Tops R$230 million

Thursday December 27th 2012

Now that Christmas Day has passed, the turkey has been eaten and the festivities briefly over until New Year’s Eve, thoughts are turning to the next batch of exciting world lotteries which are due to take place this week! At the top of every lottery players list is the Mega da Virada, the annual special version of the Brazilian Mega Sena draw, which is due to take place on 30th December 2012. This year it has broken all records with an anticipated jackpot of R$230 million (equating to USD $112 million).

The Mega Sena is usually drawn on Wednesday and Saturday, and requires players to match 6 out of 60 numbers in order to win the jackpot. However, they often hold special versions of the game, including this annual draw which sees a much bigger than average jackpot. This year, it is expected to beat all previous records with a top prize of a massive R$230 million. The Mega da Virada jackpot is generated by taking 5% from every Mega Sena draw which takes place over the course of the year, so the more ticket sales across the year, the higher the Mega da Virada!

To read more about the Mega Sena and the Mega da Virada, visit, where you can also find links to play the game and find the latest results.

Written by Brett Levenson

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