Mega Sena players excited

Friday September 3rd 2010

Big lottery jackpots are what everyone wants to hear about and why not? We all love them and the higher the jackpot that is on offer then the more likely we are to play them. Mega Sena players are excited about the draw this weekend and they have every reason to be. This is currently the largest lottery in Brazil and one of the largest in South America, and the current jackpot of R$85 million which has been created due to the fact that there were no winners from the Mega Sena draw on Wednesday, will create world wide excitement.

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Mega Sena requires players to pick six winning numbers between one and 60, so the odds are slightly less favourable than some lottery games but obviously much better than those for a lottery game such as SuperEnalotto. Nevertheless, when there is a jackpot as high as this, odds are rarely given a second thought as all eyes are fixed firmly on the prize. The way that the lottery numbers are drawn is a little unusual in comparison to other lottery games. The Mega Sena numbers are picked in pairs to form two digit numbers. The first number is picked from a pool from zero to 60 to make the first digit and the second from a pool of zero to 9. If two zeros are drawn to form the lottery number then it will be replaced by the number 60.

The draw for Mega Sena takes place twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays and with no major competition in either North or South America this weekend, this is one lottery game that will be hugely popular on Saturday.

Written by Samantha Jones

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