MegaMillions draw is one of the biggest

Friday August 28th 2009

With the largest lottery draw in history, standing at $390 million, which was reached in March 2007, this Fridays MegaMillions draw is one of the biggest. Currently standing at $325 million, this makes it the largest multi state lottery drawing for 2 years.  Previously the largest prize was also $325 million which was reached in August 2007.

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$211 Million
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The next MegaMilions Lottery draw is due to take place on Friday and if there is still no winner, lottery officials predict that there could well be a new North American record exceeding the previous of $390 million.

Previous trends tell us that the larger lottery drawings tend to draw in a lot of players who don’t normally play the MegaMillions with smaller jackpots. If Friday’s drawing fails to harvest a winner, we will almost certainly see record numbers of people flocking to buy lottery tickets in a bid to secure a record prize.

Participating states for the MegaMillions are California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Washington, Texas and Virgina Lottery, however some 30 other states take part in the Powerball drawings. The Powerball jackpot incidentally stands at an estimated $33 million and the next drawing is due to take place on 29th August.

There have been so many massive multi rollover lottery jackpots worldwide so far this year, many will naturally be expecting the latest MegaMillions figure to rise to a new record, however, with Fridays drawing yet to take place, this theory remains to be seen.

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