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Friday May 7th 2010

A lucky person from California became $266 million richer on Tuesday after matching all of the numbers drawn to become the next big MegaMillions winner. Various news agencies have reported that the lucky ticket holder is Jacki Wells Cisneros, a staff member of a Los Angeles TV newsroom but lottery officials have not yet made any official announcement on the winner. The winner has apparently given a TV interview following her win and many may feel it odd to talk about such a massive lottery win when you have not yet registered your claim.

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Only time will tell if Jacki is the MegaMillions winner and of course we will confirm this as soon as any announcement comes from lottery officials. One thing that can be confirmed is that there was definitely a MegaMillions winner on Tuesday which means that when you buy lottery tickets for the next MegaMillions draw you will play for a $12 million jackpot.

There is still lots of excitement for lottery players in the US over the weekend. Although the MegaMillions has been won, the PowerBall has been steadily rising since it was last won and those who play this lottery game will have whopping $80 million to play for on Saturday.

It seems that 2010 is proving to be a very successful year in terms of rollover jackpots in the lottery world, with both the US and Europe fairing very well in this department. Maybe this is the kind of boost that all lottery games need to encourage more people to play them.

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