Megaplier Pays Off Big for Virginia Mega Millions Winner

Friday December 16th 2016

A Mega Millions player in the state of Virginia has transformed their prize of $1 million into $5 million after taking advantage of the Megaplier prize-booster option.

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To megaply or not to megaply, that’s the question thousands of people muse upon every time they buy a ticket for a Mega Millions drawing. Available in 45 of 46 jurisdictions, the optional Megaplier works as a multiplier for prizes won in the popular lottery — simply by paying an additional $1 and marking the Megaplier box on their playslip, players can increase any non-jackpot amounts they may win by 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times, depending on the ball that is drawn on the night.

And that’s exactly what happened to one lucky Mega Millions player in Danville, Virginia, on Tuesday evening when they matched five numbers to claim the second prize.

“Normally that would win Mega Millions’ second prize of $1 million,” a spokesperson from the lottery told WTVR. “However, whoever bought this ticket spent an extra dollar for the Megaplier when he or she bought the ticket. The Megaplier number in last night’s drawing was 5x, which means this ticket is now worth five times more than it would have been without the Megaplier.”

The winning numbers in Tuesday December 13th drawing were: 2, 15, 26, 34 and 41. The Mega Ball, which must be matched in order to win the jackpot, was number 14. The identity of the second-prize winner is not yet known, but reports suggest that they purchased their ticket from a Murphy’s USA store located at 474 Mount Cross Road, Danville.

Doubling your stake in a $1 lottery may seem like a costly option on paper, but when doing so can result in a prize five times the normal value, it can make a huge difference — perhaps something to consider when purchasing tickets for Friday night’s $59 million Mega Millions drawing!

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