Miami Billion Dollar Blockbuster winner

Friday August 7th 2009

It has just been announced by Florida Lottery that Ramill Ramos Perez from Miami aged 38, has just claimed his fantastic $1m prize that he won on a scratch off game. The Miami Billion Dollar Blockbuster winner chose the one time lump-sum payment option for his prize collecting the amount of $650,000,00.

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He is the 12th  lucky player to claim this $1m prize leaving 108 $1 million prizes  still to be won on the scratch off games from the Florida Lottery.

This lottery scratch off game was a $20 play and was launched in February. It offers the highest cash payout in the 21 year history of the game and has had more than $1 billion in prizes. The odds of winning are 1 in 2.98 and scratchcards can be purchased at 13,000 state wide retailers. This Miami Billion Dollar Blockbuster winner purchased his card at Camaguey Supermarket, at 1390 E, 4th Avenue in Hialeah.

The Florida lottery has donated more than $19 million to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund since 1988 which has given so much benefit to many students and schools, some of which may have struggled without the donations. It has also funded around 1 million Bright Futures scholarships. Again, this was a great benefit to the recipients of this funding.

It is of no secret than many organisations and charities benefit tremendously from lottery funding and donations worldwide, so it is not simply a case of winner takes all. Every time any kind of ticket is purchased a proportion of that purchase will benefit a worth while cause in one way or another.

You can buy lottery tickets online for the Florida Lottery and many other state lotteries in the USA.

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