Michigan church is $70,000 richer

Monday August 17th 2009

A Haslett church has scooped $70,000  thanks to the Michigan Lottery. Boasting only a small congregation of 25 members one of those parishioners has generously donated big and the Michigan Church is $70,000 richer.

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There are very differing rules on lost and found ticket with the different lotteries world wide, but when the parishioner found the winning lottery ticket she had no hesitation in handing it over to the church.

Pastor Marilyn Parmelee said,  “The winning ticket turned up in the collection basket. There have been lottery tickets left in the basket before and they have never been worth anything and until the recent $70,000 donation it had always been hard to see lottery tickets as real money, but $70,000 is very real”.

The church leaders have decided that they will use the win to donate the Michigan Lottery win to an organisation that is set up to help people rather than give to individual as more people would benefit this way. They also plan to use some of it to fund mission trip but have not fully decided how and what to allocate where.

The church Pastor is hoping that this generous lottery donation will inspire others to give what they can to the community, especially once they can see what a difference it can make to a whole community. The church is planning a meeting to discuss in more depth, their plans for the money and how best to use it to benefit as many people as possible. But for now they are still in awe of this fantastic donation.

Remember, when you buy lottery tickets, keep them safe!


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