Michigan Lottery favourite pick is a winner

Thursday February 4th 2010

When people play the lottery, many of us have favourite numbers that they use regularly but rarely are there thousands of players that pick the same favourites numbers and even more rarely are they winners. This is exactly what has happened for one lottery game. 1010, the Michigan Lottery favourite pick was a winner for thousands of players of the Daily 4 lottery game last Friday. A record number of lottery players chose this number which was drawn as a winner, generating more than $21 million in combined prize money.

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The winning prize money of $21.6 million was shared between 8,426 Michigan Lottery players in a range of individual payouts. Players of the Daily 4 draw can win $416 for matching the numbers in any order and the top prize of $5,000 for an exact match which was claimed by 1,535 lottery players for this draw.


It is not yet known exactly how much money was wagered on this game from the Michigan Lottery but officials say it is likely to be less than the $1 million mark, which would leave the Michigan Lottery with a deficit of around $21 million. The odds of a single lottery ticket matching all four numbers is around 10,000 to one, which thankfully for the Michigan Lottery, makes a loss such as this very rare.


When players buy lottery tickets for any other four numbers games they may well stick to popular picks such as 1212 or 2010 in the hope that history may repeat itself again one day.

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