Millionaire Raffle tickets sell out

Friday November 27th 2009

Tickets costing $20 each for the first ever Millionaire Raffle game in the state of Kansas went on sale on 18th October 2009. There were only 150,000 tickets available for this game offered by the Kansas Lottery. With odds of one in 150,000, the Kansas Lottery is giving players the best chance ever of winning $1 million. However, the Kansas Lottery could find themselves under fire as the Millionaire Raffle tickets sell out for the first game offered to lottery players in the state.

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$211 Million
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The Millionaire Raffle game offers one in 150,000 odds of winning which are the bests odds ever offered by the Kansas Lottery for players to win $1 million. There are also other prizes available to lottery players in Kansas who have tickets which include five $50,000 prizes and five hundred $500 prizes.

The draw for the Millionaire Raffle from the Kansas Lottery is to take place on 31st December 2009. When you buy lottery tickets you are always advised to keep them safe and sign them immediately. With a month still to go until this draw takes place, there are going to be a lot of disappointed lottery players in Kansas and lost tickets are very unlikely to be handed in or retrieved because of this.

For those lucky lottery players who have managed to get a raffle ticket, the winning number of the draw will be announced on KNSN in Wichita, KSNT in Topeka and KSHB-TV in Kansas City. Results will also be on the Kansas Lottery website  on the afternoon of the draw date.

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