Minnesota Ending Lucky for Life in June

Thursday May 13th 2021

The Minnesota Lottery has announced it will discontinue the Lucky for Life game in the state after the June 28, 2021 drawing. Advance draws will also decrease starting today, Thursday, May 13.

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Minnesota joins South Carolina in leaving the multi-state game this summer. "The Minnesota Lottery continually evaluates our games and makes changes in order to offer the best possible game lineup for our players and Minnesota," Director of Public Affairs Erika Helvick Anderson said.

The announcements follow the news that Lucky for Life will move to a daily draw schedule on July 19. It currently offers draws on Monday and Thursday at 10:38 PM ET.

The game offers a top prize of $1,000 every day for the winner's lifetime, or a cash option of $5.75 million. To win, players need to match all six numbers drawn.

The departure of Minnesota and South Carolina will lower the number of lotteries offering Lucky for Life from 25 to 23.

After the 8:10 PM sales cutoff time on May 13, MN players will be able to purchase a maximum of 13 Lucky for Life advance draws until 8:10 PM on Monday, May 17, and that number will gradually decline until the final drawing. Here's the breakdown of how many advance draws will be available:

  • May 13-17: 13
  • May 17-20: 12
  • May 20-24: 11
  • May 24-27: 10
  • May 27-31: 9
  • May 31-June 3: 8
  • June 3-7: 7
  • June 7-10: 6
  • June 10-14: 5
  • June 14-17: 4
  • June 17-21: 3
  • June 21-24: 2
  • June 24-28: 1

Will Minnesota players have a new replacement game to look forward to? Not at this time. Although the Lottery is always considering the potential for fresh games, none is in the pipeline currently.

Lucky for Life winners will still have one year from the draw date to claim prizes in both Minnesota and South Carolina.

Minnesota Winners Can Stay Anonymous

Minnesota Lottery winners of prizes above $10,000 have the right to remain anonymous under a new law that comes into effect on September 1.

Both multi-state lotteries like Powerball and homegrown games are covered, and players who score large second-chance wins will also have the ability to keep their identity under wraps.

Until now, the MN Lottery has publicized data - including a winner's name, city of residence, how much they won, and where they bought their ticket - although their address and phone number are kept private.

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