Minnesota Lottery Ticket Sales Restarted

Friday July 22nd 2011

After a government shutdown lasting almost three weeks, the Minnesota Lottery ticket sales restarted yesterday much to the joy of the many residents of the state who have been missing out during this period. A special legislative session put an end to the shutdown which began on 1st July and those players who held winning lottery tickets prior to the shutdown but didn’t redeem them will now be able to do so by visiting one of the many lottery retailers throughout Minnesota.

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Despite the fact that the Minnesota Lottery has not sold any tickets for nearly three weeks, the initial reopening period could be fairly busy for retailers as people flood to cash in outstanding wins and of course buy lottery tickets. However, it is not just the players of the Minnesota Lottery that have been affected by the government shutdown in terms of the lottery. Many of the retailers’ staff will be returning back to work after nearly three weeks too, not to mention the resumption of revenue from the lottery that Minnesota relies on so heavily, as do many states.

As the team here at alottery reported previously, neighbouring states such as Iowa, have seen an increase in ticket sales as Minnesota Lottery players flooded across the borders to buy lotto tickets as an alternative. Sadly for these neighbouring states, this will now cease as the residents in Minnesota begin to buy lottery tickets in their homeland once more.

With Powerball and MegaMillions both boasting huge jackpots for the weekend, it is anticipated that most players in Minnesota will be attracted to these games as normality returns to the state.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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